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EnneaFlower Type 9 Print

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SIZE: 5 x 7 inches

This EnneaFlower Type 9 Art Print of a peony flower was originally painted by Ruthie of Ruthie Kellar Studio and was chosen to represent Type 9's color of pink.

It is offered here as a 5 x 7 fine art print. Read on for the explanation of Type 9's color choice:

NINEs - your color is pink (painted here as a Peony)

▫️The color pink represents compassion, consideration, and understanding - NINEs have the ability to see other people’s perspectives and understand where they’re coming from.

▫️Pink is a mixture of red and white - NINEs can sometimes have an internal struggle between asserting their own opinions and keeping the peace. As they grow healthier, they find the balance between the two.

▫️A pink stereotype is weakness - NINEs have also had this stereotype placed on them - but prioritizing harmony and cohesiveness is a massive strength of NINEs.



  • 5 x 7 high-quality digital art print
  • Printed in-house on heavy (310 gsm) textured fine art paper
  • Original painting created by Ruthie of Ruthie Kellar Studio and sold with permission


  • Please allow 3-4 business days for your order to ship
  • Prints are shipped in a 6"x8" rigid envelope
  • Stickers are sent through the USPS