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EnneaFlower Type 6 Print

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SIZE: 5 x 7 inches

This EnneaFlower Type 6 Art Print of a ranunculus flower was originally painted by Ruthie of Ruthie Kellar Studio and was chosen to represent Type 6's color of yellow.

It is offered here as a 5 x 7 fine art print. Read on for the explanation of Type 6's color choice:

SIXes - Your color is yellow (painted here as a Ranunculus)

▫️Yellow is often associated with hope - Healthy SIXes have an amazing ability to see not only what could be, but how to actually get there and avoid pitfalls. Troubleshooting at its best helps SIXes accomplish their dreams.

▫️Yellow is considered to promote concentration - in healthy SIXes this helps them think through all the options and then take action. In unhealthy SIXes this can lead to a cycle of thinking and rethinking and overthinking trying to make sure they thought it all the way through.

▫️Yellow can boost confidence and lead to breakthroughs - SIXes have the ability to encourage and support others, and often have “lightbulb moments" when helping others.


  • 5 x 7 high-quality digital art print
  • Printed in-house on heavy (310 gsm) textured fine art paper
  • Original painting created by Ruthie of Ruthie Kellar Studio and sold with permission


  • Please allow 3-4 business days for your order to ship
  • Prints are shipped in a 6"x8" rigid envelope
  • Stickers are sent through the USPS