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EnneaFlower Type 5 Print

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SIZE: 5 x 7 inches

This EnneaFlower Type 5 Art Print of a protea flower was originally painted by Ruthie of Ruthie Kellar Studio and was chosen to represent Type 5's color of green.

It is offered here as a 5 x 7 fine art print. Read on for the explanation of Type 5's color choice:

FIVEs - Your color is green (drawn here as a Protea)

▫️Green (as the most popular favorite color) has many meanings and cultural significance.

▫️Green is often associated with the feeling of safety - FIVEs often strive to create a safe space all their own to recharge when they need it.

▫️Green has long been used to symbolize wealth, money, or (sometimes) greed. Unhealthy FIVEs are tempted to cling to wealth for their survival and may hoard it out of fear. Healthy FIVEs use finances as a part of their “castle” - a means to make sure they are taken care of and therefore able to take care of others. 


  • 5 x 7 high-quality digital art print
  • Printed in-house on heavy (310 gsm) textured fine art paper
  • Original painting created by Ruthie of Ruthie Kellar Studio and sold with permission


  • Please allow 3-4 business days for your order to ship
  • Prints are shipped in a 6"x8" rigid envelope
  • Stickers are sent through the USPS